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How many times has your client left from her appointment and texted you within 24hrs and said those dreadful words, "hey is it normal that my lashes are all falling off?" and then your heart sinks into your butt... Yeah that used to be me.


Through the last 8 years I've gained experience and knowledge that helped me create my Pro Retention course today. I know the fear and discouragement far too well that comes along with being a lash artist but especially with lash retention. it seems like there are many out there who still experience this and shouldn't have to! I wish I was taught all of this in my first course but unfortunately I had to struggle my way through. It would have saved me so much heartache LITERALLY. Sometimes as I would finish up a set I would just PRAY as I was finishing up that God would give me a miracle & that these lashes would stay on longer then two weeks. Im not even joking about that...

Lashing isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. But what makes things harder is having to worry about retention when you shouldnt have to. It sounds a bit silly but if your anything like me it was literally a mentally & emotionally draining thing in my day to day Lashing. We should be able to enjoy what we do & have ABSOLUTE confidence in our work.