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Tired of Feeling Like You’re Alone in Your lash Journey?


Through the last 9 years I've gained experience and knowledge that helped me create this membership today. I know the fear and discouragement far too well that comes along with being a lash artist especially with lash retention. It seems like there are many out there who still experience this and shouldn't have to! I wish I had something like this when I first started. I was alone and didn't really have anyone like a mentor to go to . Unfortunately I had to struggle my way through. It would have saved me so much heartache LITERALLY. Sometimes as I would finish up a set I would just PRAY as I was finishing up a set that God would give me a miracle & that these lashes would stay on longer then two weeks or that the style I decided to give this client would look good and she would love them. Im not even joking about that...

Lashing isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. But what makes things harder is having to worry about so many things alone. It sounds a bit silly but if your anything like me it was literally a mentally & emotionally draining thing in my day to day Lashing. We should be able to enjoy what we do, have a community to go to who doesn't judge and understands despite the situation & have ABSOLUTE confidence in our work. 


This membership & community is a safe space for like minded artists to grow in there lash business & artistry.We want you to continuously grow and you will get just that in this membership. With interactive workshops LIVE with me Cherie Amber to help you trouble shoot any issues for business, technique, mindset, lash retention & MORE! This will all be done in a community setting you won't just have support from ME but from everyone already in this membership. So lets build skill & confidence together! Your are not alone.

It’s Time To Level Up Your Lash Artistry & Skills

With guidance and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your creativity & artistry.



When you join .

You get instant access to tons of online educational content with new content opening up every month. We'll teach you how to:

  • Turn your weaknesses into your strong points. 
  • How to build a stronger Mindset in lashing & business
  • How to strategically plan & achieve your goals for your lashing

It’s time to step up and see what your made of.

You will have access to pre recorded workshops from business to education .


You will have so many in depth tutorials and teachings. Worth 1,000’s of $’s!

MODULE You can work at your own pace and not worry about being on time or getting behind!


MODULE You have 100% access to me Thee Lash Girl! And you can request tutorials!

The best part is the PRO RETENTION COURSE!


With continued support and added content!






Put the techniques you learn into practice during group sessions & LIVE workshops. This is where we we do LIVE trainings with ME on specific subjects. I like to dive deep into each & every detail of lashing. So that you can get a perfect GRASP on whatever you need. I want to make sure that you FULLY understand & leave with a plan to practice & grow.

Before every workshop you'll be able to review the pre recorded content. This will help your thoughts flow. Then when you come to the workshops, you’ll be primed & ready to dive deeper. Most students find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are showing up for themselves amongst the chaos of their lives.

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!

"I use the strategies I learned in this workshop daily. They help me show up for myself and my lash business. & balance my business/family in incredible ways."

Dina Porters

"I love the live practice sessions included in the LIVE teachings! Being able to put what I learned into practice right away was powerful."

Petra Shrew

Is the membership right for you?


Have you ever felt like a one time course just wasn't enough? Like no matter what you still had questions, and struggles that you did everything that you learned and it just wasn't working out for you? Or you did everything for your client like mapping, styling, and retention but the results were still not there?

If so, then Thee Lash Girl Academy Membership is definitely for you.

We'll help you troubleshoot those issues and break down that specific topic. We go into DEPTH on every subject so that you can lash confidently and freely and thrive in your lash business & make more money!





12 monthly payments

  • Access to our SECRET lash community where we connect throughout the week 
  • Access to educational in depth content
  • LIVE mentorships & workshops
  • Live support from mentors Cherie & Matthew 
  • Access to Pre Recorded workshops


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your membership, email [email protected]